He better have the perfect Santa voice, the perfect belly and a real beard for this kind of money... But sadly, yes this is real. I do have a great alternative, though!

It's not quite as bad as the movie Bad Santa where Billy Bob Thornton and his elf pal were robbing malls as Santa at the end of each Christmas season but it's a bit greedy, particularly in 2020. ABC has reported that there are some virtual Santa's charging nearly $100 for a chat this year but they apparently include a recording of the video, a holiday box and some gifts.

I'm a Santa fan, but that seems like a lot of money in 2020. If you'd like a more reasonable virtual visit with Santa, reach out to our friends over at The Village at Meridian and get signed up for a quarter of the cost. I just feel like life has become so expensive and to think of dropping a whole hundred dollar bill on a Santa visit sounds absurd. If I had to, I'd put on a Santa suit myself and do the virtual visits if that's what was necessary to save some Treasure Valley families from paying that much money.

These are just thoughts I have while I sit out here at the 12 Days Of ChristMIX Toy Drive, collecting toys, bikes, cash and gift cards for families in need right here in the Treasure Valley. Sorry Santa, you're worthy of some milk and cookies but I think I'll hold on to my hundred dollars, at least for this year.

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