Hot Tubbing At Tamarack
There truly is nothing better than hot tubbing during the winter, until it's time to get out. But if you can handle the 10 second run back inside, you'll be living the dream like we did on our honeymoon.
Treasure Valley Nostalgia
What was your favorite store or restaurant or activity that you remember as a kid that isn't here anymore? And do you have pictures? Share them!
Show Us Your Best 4th Of July Ever
What was your greatest 4th of July memory? Feel free to share pictures to our Facebook page! Mine was the year I was lucky enough to watch the fireworks from the National Mall in D.C. More Pics In My Blog!
It’s National Puppy Day!
And your opportunity to show off your pup to the world! We need some extra puppy pics to brighten up these dark times, so by all means, share yours with the world! Here's the story of my pups...
Smartphone Fine For Eclipse Pics
For those of us who are hobby photographers, you might be thinking you're going to drop some cash on gear to shoot the eclipse August 21st.  Nope.  Your smart phone will be fine.

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