Treasure Valley Nostalgia
What was your favorite store or restaurant or activity that you remember as a kid that isn't here anymore? And do you have pictures? Share them!
Show Us Your Best 4th Of July Ever
What was your greatest 4th of July memory? Feel free to share pictures to our Facebook page! Mine was the year I was lucky enough to watch the fireworks from the National Mall in D.C. More Pics In My Blog!
It’s National Puppy Day!
And your opportunity to show off your pup to the world! We need some extra puppy pics to brighten up these dark times, so by all means, share yours with the world! Here's the story of my pups...
My First BMF experience. Here are a few of my favorite pics.
This was my very first Boise Music Festival. It was more than I could have ever imagined. From the tent experience with all of you to the brilliant performances from Andy Grammer, Coolio, Nelly and Daughtry to just walking around and smelling the amazing food...
Who Else Struggles With Family Photos?
I try to have professional family photos taken every 6 months. The kids grow so fast and look so different from one year to the next,  that twice a year seems to work best for us.
Getting everyone looking in the same direction and smiling has to be one of the top 10 most frustrating things on my…
Not All Spring Flower Pictures Turn Out Great
It's the time of year in Idaho when a wildflower patch can draw dozens of freshly bathed kids in their cutest clothes, along with those amazing parents-of-the-year armed with high tech zoom lenses ready to upload the photos to online scrapbooks right away to share with Grandma and Gra…
Do You Have A Selfie Lean?
If you, like me, end up taking frequent selfies (often mine are with my kiddo), you probably have a "selfie lean."  A habit of posing with your head in the same place.

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