I'm in a bit of a parenting dilemma. My daughter is injured, but the price to get her feeling better is steep. Would you fork out the money in this situation or say "suck it up buttercup!"?

I hate to put a price on my child's health and wellbeing, but as they say, money doesn't grow on trees and I don't know if I should invest this much money or if there are other more affordable alternatives to helping her feel better.

My 11-year-old daughter is a competitive gymnast. In the beginning of March she woke up with a stiff neck. We assumed it would go away in a couple days, but it didn't. She would cry any time it was time to go to gymnastics, so I ended up taking her to urgent care where they said she most likely had a pinched nerve and prescribed her a topical ibuprofen.

About a week later there was no improvement, so I took her to a chiropractor. That visit ended with lots of tears and a complaint that now her back hurt.

In being fully transparent and feeling like an awful mom, I didn't even know whether to believe her or not during any of this. I kept thinking, "are you really in pain, or do you just not want to go to gymnastics?"

This week the frustrations raised again, so I made an appointment with a sports physical therapist. The Dr. said he thought she still had a pinched nerve in her neck and some displaced ribs in her back. Everything seemed good until I got sticker shock at the end. The course of her treatment would be nearly $5000!! Since we haven't hit the deductible on our insurance, the bill would be stiff with no guarantee that she'd get results.

In my world, $5000 is a ton of money. Affording it will be a real stretch and will mean no vacation when the world gets back to normal. I keep thinking, "I can't put a price on my child's well-being... but is this the right route to go?" I've had pinched nerves before and they just got better on their own.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you fork out the money or say "suck it up buttercup!"

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