What level of gift is most appropriate for adult children to get their moms on Mother's Day? Are we talking just a card? Flowers? Jewelry? Afterall, it IS under two weeks away!

Certainly if anyone deserves a good gift, it's MOM, right? But do we shell out the big bucks for Mother's Day? Or do we simply do flowers and a card and save the big gifts for birthdays or Christmas?

I feel like my financial status has been a determining factor in regards to Mother's Day gifts for YEARS. Some years it's been flowers, some years it's been a massage certificate, and embarrassingly some years, simply a phone call and no gift to go with it. I'm pretty sure my mom just loves hearing from her kids and grandkids, or do I just tell myself that to justify the fact that I've been cheap some years?

Either way, I love my mom, she's the best and I'd give her the world if I had the means, and I'm sure you would too!

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