I had heard rumors swirling that there could be a meat shortage in the near future, and now it looks as though those rumors are turning into fact. Here's what you need to know about what you may not find at the grocery store. 

Tyson Foods is the country's second largest meat producer and they say millions of pounds of meat will not make it to market until they are able to re-open their facilities.

According to an article on idahonews.com, more than a dozen U.S. meat processing plants have shut their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tyson Foods has announced the closure of two pork processing plants and a beef processing plant because hundreds of employees contracted the coronavirus.

The coronavirus spreading through meat plants has also caused the closure of nearly 1/4 of the the U.S. beef packing and 30% of the pork companies.

President Donald Trump is expected to order meat processing plants to remain open, saying meat processing is a critical infrastructure.

The National Grocer's Association says shoppers may not see the wide assortment they are used to, but they are confident it will be a temporary situation. The meat shortage may also cause another round of hoarding at the grocery stored one of the saddest aspects of the situation is all of the animals who are having to be euthanized and meat going to waste because the processing plants are not operating as normal and the farmers don't have room for the livestock.

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