Last night I started to cough and my back started feeling a little bit achey. I don't have a fever, shortness of breath, or any other symptoms of COVID-19; should I still self-quarantine?

First off, I know I have been battling allergies for weeks. I sneeze somewhat frequently and every time I do I feel self-conscious. I've been coughing a bit too, but last night it seemed to settle deeper in my chest. (For some odd reason, I tend do develop a cough when I haven't slept well and get stressed, so I didn't panic.) I went to bed a little early, and got up this morning and went to work.

Media is considered essential, so we have not been ordered to stay at home. We practice good hygiene and social distancing in the office, but until this morning I have been broadcasting from the studio.

If this was any other time, I would never even bring up that I had a cough. I've broadcast many times with a full blown cold, tissues and DayQuil by my side, because I'm the type of girl that is always at work if I possibly can be. Times are different right now.

I'm not sick in bed, I don't even really need cough drops or medication, but I'm quarantining because I spoke up at work and said "just so you know, I have a cough."

I don't know how to feel about it. I would never ever purposely get anyone sick. I am taking the stay-at home order seriously. We don't go anywhere, other than trips to the store to stock up or to the park where we stay away from others. Part of me feels like I made a big deal over nothing and part of me feels like it was the responsible thing to do to speak up and get sent home.

I'm 90% sure I do not have COVID-19. I don't have any other symptom that coincides other than a cough, but I feel like I have the plaque. Did I do the right thing to speak up over a little cough? I feel like I can't do as good of a job from home, but I certainly don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or get anyone sick.

Have you developed any degree of sickness since the pandemic and if so, how has that affected your life?  Should you self-isolate any time you cough, sneeze, or have the sniffles?

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