If you have a 6-year old like I do, chances are the tooth fairy makes regular trips to your house.  Where does the he/she get all that money? The tooth fairy leaves on average, $3.70 per tooth. Sounds cheap, but these kids have more than one tooth, ya know?

Finley lost another tooth last night on the way to softball practice, and that led to an unexpected meltdown.  Here's why.

She asked me to try to pull out a top front tooth a week ago which totally grossed Mama out, but I did it.  Because I love her.  I pulled on that thing for a half hour and it wouldn't drop out, so we gave up.  Then last night in the car she bumped her mouth with her water bottle and said, "Mama!  My tooth!"  Or "toof" as it were.  She struggles with the "th" as you might imagine.  She got so excited!  Another tooth gone!  And about 10 seconds later her lil sis knocked the tooth out of her hand and it fell somewhere down the crevices of that third row seat in the SUV.  Oh the meltdown!  She lost the tooth, and then literally lost the tooth.  I dug around for 45 minutes looking for that valuable tooth, and couldn't find it.  I did find some old Cheerios and Goldfish though.

Finley said to her 4-year old sis, "This is the first time I am so disappointed in what you've done!"  I said, "Oh no, Finley.  There have been plenty of times already that you've been disappointed in her."  That made them laugh and feel better for a minute.

So the tooth fairy is like Santa Claus, right?  The tooth fairy just knows that teeth have come out, and can leave a surprise under the pillow, even lacking evidence?  I hope so. Because there were a couple of bucks under Finley's pillow this morning.

I love that these teeth are falling out in such an orderly way!  Mama is a little neat and orderly (okay, OCD), and likes everything in its place.  The square negative space in her mouth is much better than a few random, unorganized dead spaces.  Nice job Finley!