So that moment... when one day your realize your best friend has an amazing, uncanny, super-human ability to stand on her head...ON WATER!

There are really no words.  Just look at the picture.  One of the comments on her Facebook page said, "But can you paddle it from that position?"  Haha!  Really Abbi, you are awesome.  Can you teach lessons?

This is something she worked up to of course.  And you know what she did for practice?  She went into the back yard of her house and did it on the trampoline several times.  We talked about it last night over a drink (mixed in with good stories about my crazy Tinder dating life, but that's another blog entirely), and she said she can do a headstand on the trampoline that lasts for an entire song.  Three or four minutes!  You go girl.  You should do these headstands on Letterman.

Abbi inspires me in many ways.  She's a great mom of two boys (I know ladies...proof here that you can get your body back after babies), she cracks me up, and obviously she's a good one to look up to in the area of physical fitness.

You have a super strong core girl!  And that's apparent on many levels now.  Now go have a couch potato moment.  You deserve it.