Early Sunday morning marks the end of Daylight Savings Time, which means we should get an extra hour of sleep.  Cool!  In theory anyway.  If you have kids you might actually lose sleep.

The time change totally jacks up the home routine, for a few days anyway.

Kids are on their own schedule, and those little bodies work like clockwork, at least in my house.

My 4-year old jumps out of bed between 6:15 and 6:45 every morning.  The 6-year old used to pop up, but she's getting to the age where she's nearly comatose in the mornings and has to be dragged out of bed.  Sometimes I have to physically push her upright into the sitting position, and shove a Pop Tart in her mouth while I'm putting on shoes just so we won't be late for school.  She's going to be a night owl and a late sleeper in the mornings.  Sigh...my opposite.  The 2-year old (she'll be 3 on Monday), usually gets up whenever she hears noise.  And that will be happening earlier on Sunday.

Since we have to set the clocks back one hour, kids that usually get up at 6:15 will be popping up at 5:15.  On a Sunday morning!  Unless you keep them up later than usual on Saturday night, but if your kids are anything like mine that trick won't work.  It never does.  So they'll be hungry for breakfast at 5:30, lunch at 10, and snacks every hour on the hour until dinner, which they'll start asking for at 3:30 or 4.

Maybe, just maybe, if we keep them up late Saturday and Sunday night, they'll be tired enough to sleep until the normal time on Monday.

Oh, and the time display on your smart phone will of course change itself, but don't forget the microwave and the stove.  And if you don't have kids, enjoy that extra hour of sleep!