Hows the Black Friday shopping going? I love saving money, and I use coupons on almost everything.  If it's not on sale or I don't have an extra 20 percent off coupon, I don't buy it. Unless it's coffee.  Gotta have that at all costs. I've already messed up this money-saving adventure called Black Friday, and here's how. has the deals today that change every few hours, and they tick down so once you add-to-cart, you only have ten or fifteen minutes to make the purchase before you lose the deal.  Well, I lost track of time and lost a super awesome deal.  A ten dollar cupcake game for the kids!  I waited too long and the next thing I knew the price had jumped up to $15.99.  Whoops!  It's not all about losing the deal.  The larger point is, I have learned I stink at Black Friday! Do any of you Black Friday experts want to teach a class and help the rest of us "master-saver wannabes" make the most of it?  I've seen Facebook pics today of husbands with their hands on flat screens saving the purchase, while their wives are across the store buying Ninja Turtle games.  Perhaps it's having a plan that is the key to success.  Oh, a plan!  Nice work you guys.  Nice work. The website Wallethub says the average Black Friday deal is 39.45%, so anything below that isn't that great, and anything above it is pretty awesome and should be snatched up.  There's not a lot of time to do this math when you have a crazy lady in a Christmas sweater breathing down your neck over a Furby I know, but hopefully that's helpful to you. All the the email in my inbox today make Black Friday feel sort of like a rousing game of Whack-a-mole.  What's next?  What's about to pop up?  Hit it!! Good luck today.