Idaho has a lot of great local pizza options, but now in Boise we have a delivery option from a chef who won the world pizza championship in Italy. Here's how you can get a slice.

Let's start by telling you about Tony Gemignani. A guy who says "I don't think anybody loves pizza more than me", according to the Idaho Statesmen. This is a guy who has won gold metals for his pizzas, even victories in Italy. Tony G's is delivering this award winning pizza in Boise, Meridian and Eagle and we're lucky to have it! The menu is available for delivery or pickup only. At this point there is no option to dine in and enjoy this great pizza. The delivery of Tony G's pizza is facilitated by Crave Delivery so go and order one today!

I'm a pizza fan, for sure... I'm at a point in my life where I pre-emptively take some sort of heart burn relief before I even eat pizza but I never regret it. I love a good Margherita pizza, I'm down with the flat breads, I like local pizzas, I like chain pizzas and I cannot wait to try pizza from Tony G's and enjoy something created by a world pizza champion.

They say pizza is a little different in Italy and I can't wait to one day travel oversees to try it out once this pandemic is over. Speaking of pizza, DM the Mix 106 mobile app and get free pizza delivered to your office by Moug & Angie, courtesy of our friends at Idaho Pizza Company.

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