Police originally thought that a sexual predator was on the loose after a woman told officers that a man forced his way into her car, kidnapped her, and sexually assaulted her. Now she's telling a different story. 

Turns out the woman knew the man and had planned to meet up with him. No charges have been filed and police say he is not a threat to the public.

According to KTVB, police have made contact with the male suspect. No word yet on if he did still indeed sexually assault her or if he truly forced her to drive to a different location.

No excuses for sexual assault, but it really frustrates me when women lie about this kind of thing. First off, it takes away the credibility and has police questioning when women are actually assaulted or even raped. Secondly, (and I'm not saying he didn't do anything wrong because maybe he did) it can harm an innocent person's reputation.

I have no doubt that contacting police over a sexual assault is terrifying, but this story just goes to show the importance of telling the absolute truth.

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