I found something shocking on my desk today. A press release that says "Pure Horror 50 Missing Children." 

Is this true and we've chosen to turn a blind eye? Of course a lot of attention has been placed on missing Rexburg kids J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan whose mother and step-father are under suspicion in Hawaii. The parents aren't talking and no one can find the kids.

Aside from that case, the number of missing and exploited children in Idaho is shocking. There are 50 other children missing in the state besides J.J. and Tylee. These cases could involve kidnapping by a non-custodial parent, human trafficking, or a slew of other horrifying possibilities. We need to continually keep our eyes out for these kids.

So many of these cases go cold and are forgotten, but we can't stop looking.

My thoughts turn to the Lake Tahoe, California case of Jaycee Dugard who was kidnapped and held captive for 18 years. There was also the famous Cleveland case where three women were held for around a decade by kidnapper, Ariel Castro.  We can't allow that to happen under our noses here.

A woman named Lisa Marie says she has contacted the Ada County Sheriff's Office over 140 times to claim that Sheriff Bartlett and his deputies refuse to properly investigate the disappearance of missing children in Idaho. Remember, these are her claims, not ours, and the Ada County Sheriff's Office is fighting back saying

These claims are of serious concern to the Sheriff's Office as they are completely untrue and such false claims erode the public's trust in his office.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says that continued calls and harassment of the Sheriff and/or any of his staff will not be tolerated.

What do you make of all these missing kids? On a practical note, I don't know that we can afford to use our resources in searching forever, but on the opposite side I hate to see families go without closure or for a case here to turn out like the cases I mentioned above.

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