A case made the news in 2018 that scared a lot of women in Boise and the running community. A woman was attacked and sexually assaulted while out on a jog back in 2018.

That was two years ago and today she has closure. 30-year-old Nicholas J. Campbell was found and arrested in Salt Lake City, Utah. It's over.

Campbell is being held on a $1 million dollar bond as he awaits his judgment. A big shout out to Ada County Sheriff's Office who worked closely with the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Bountiful Police Department. Campbell could face up to 40 years in prison for his crimes. I'll post a link to the Ada County Sheriff's Office website with full details below. Please read how their determination, community support, and relentless ?????? lead to finding Campbell.

Discuss this story with your friends, co-workers, and kids because you don't want to be next. This took place in a Southeast Boise neighborhood off Lake Hazel during a routine jog early around 6:30 AM. There is no connection between Campbell and the victim in this case. Campbell did however live in the same neighborhood, specifically watched, the victim and knew her daily routine. Campbell followed her that morning, attacked her from behind grabbing and knocking her to the ground unconscious. Authorities reported she was sexually assaulted and left in the street.

That is every woman's nightmare and it happened in Boise. Have this discussion with other women to always keep an eye out. You can purchase cheap items that will sound an alarm if you press a button. Look into some self-defense gear maybe you can have around a wrist. It's sad to say, but we always have to be prepared.

Ada County Sherrif's office posted this today.


I went looking for a photo and saw two articles that KTVB covered. They featured this attack back in 2018 and just posted the update with a photo of Nicholas Campbell. They also have a video of the assailant shortly after the attack on security cameras. It's chilling.

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