This 33-year-old mother recently lost custody of children and now a nationwide search is on for her and her 9-year-old son. 

According to an article on KTVB, Olivia Barkes came to Idaho several months ago from North Carolina. She arrived in Wood River Valley in southern Idaho to work out custody arrangements with the biological father of her three children.

Last week a court awarded full custody to the father, severing Olivia's rights.

Olivia, who also uses the last name Phelps has allegedly left the state with her 9-year-old son Logan Barkes.

Logan has not been in school since November 4th and family has expressed concern to law enforcement about his well being.

The pair could be headed for Florida, North Carolina, or Texas because Olivia has family ties in those areas.

If you see this mother and her son, please contact the Hailey Police Department at 208-788-3531 or your local law enforcement agency.

Personally, as a mother, I cannot imagine losing the rights to my children. I am sure this mother has done things that has caused her to lose custody, but there is a small piece of my Motherly heart that hurts for her too. Bottom line, I hope that Logan is okay and that he is returned to Idaho safely. I can't imagine the scars an ordeal like this could leave on a child. Hopefully, everyone involved in this situation gets the help that they need.

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