Wow, you don't see this every day. We're praying everyone is going to be o.k. as crews work on a wreck involving an overturned semi and a woman in labor along I-84 near Eagle Road. 

The crash is causing major back-ups along eastbound I-84 in Meridian. Only the far right lane is open as the semi is lying across several lanes according to KTVB.

As crews work to get the semi out of the way, we've been hearing from our traffic department that a woman was in labor as things went down. This has not been confirmed by authorities, but what we are hearing is that she was near the exit ramp, paramedics got to her, and rushed her to the hospital.

Luckily, dispatchers say that no one has been hurt in the wreck.

If you can get off the freeway at Meridian Road or Ten Mile it may save you some time this morning.

No word yet on what caused the crash. We'll keep you updated on the pregnant woman's condition if this is indeed the case and we'll let you know when the road is clear.

Huge thanks to our first responders who are on the scene trying to take care of this situation.

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