Some people believe in aliens (guilty) while some people believe in Sasquatch (also guilty)... then there are people who believe in psychics. You know, tarot cards, crystal balls, and all of that mystic stuff. Prime example: Miss Cleo.

This woman wrecked the 90s with the ultimate scam, luring people in with misleading ads and phony actors. Unfortunately, it was Miss Cleo who ultimately gave the legit psychics a bad name. One search of Yelp results in some solid reviews of psychics in the Boise area; like 'Psychic Readings by Nancy' for example.

"I've been one of Nancy's clients for over 15 years," says Samantha B. in her Yelp review. "She's absolutely incredible!"

Or how about 'Delphi Oracles'?

"It is not every day that I meet a truly gifted, intuitive psychic, who is not just not out there to get more, but rather to live authentically with her gifts," said one review.

It sounds amazing, right? Learning about one's self, connecting on a spiritual level with ancestors on another plane of existence, etc.

But what about the not-so-gifted psychics? Unfortunately, they exist and they're right here in the Treasure Valley. I sifted through some of the worst-reviewed psychics Idaho has to offer and they didn't disappoint on entertainment value. Sure, I feel bad for the individuals who had to pay for one of these horrible experiences, but at least it reminds us that not all psychics are equal.

From one psychic flat-out admitting they don't have any abilities to another revealing a customer's love for salmon, here are some of the worst reviews of the worst psychics in all of Idaho.

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