HUGE Goldfish Found in Lake
My guess is someone was moving or just didn't want the fish anymore, instead of flushing it, like most people would do, they let it out into 'the wild' aka a nearby lake where it has been happily living under the radar and apparently feasting for years.
I’ve Fallen Into The Tiger King Trap
I try not to jump on binge-TV trends, but since being home ALL...THE...TIME... and since there were so many memes about it (some of my favs are in the blog), I decided I'd watch this garbage show, and boy did it NOT disappoint!
Try Not to Laugh
I don't know why, but "dad jokes" always get me. I can be in the worst mood and hear one of these ridiculously lame jokes and instantly laugh.
Cute Or Creepy: Face Swap
I took my son on a trip to Portland this weekend, and as we were on the plane, three different people told us "you guys look so alike."  So, we decided to do a little test.

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