Alright we took a very scientific approach to picking our Powerball numbers.  Early this morning JD dropped numbered golf balls down a flight of stairs and Mike and Kate picked 5 numbers, plus the powerball.  Here are those numbers:

Now we are making sure that everyone of our listeners has a chance to share in our windfall.  To be in on our drawing to win the main Powerball jackpot of over 1.5 billion dollars, you must watch the video and pick one of the numbers that comes up, then post your first and last name in the comments section below with the number you chose. You can also post on our Facebook fan page.

To be elgible for the 1.5 billion dollars you must post before 7pm MST tonight (1/13/15). If this is the winning number, all posts after 7pm MST will be deleted.

By entering, you agree that the all disputes will be decided by Mix 106 station personnel and further agree that all decisions are final and are not open to litigation of any type.


Good Luck and god bless us one and all.