Somebody call CBH and see if this is in any of their upcoming floor plans. Are you brave enough to go with no door? Just blurred glass?

This photo is actually from a listing from a home in Boston that's selling for $899,000. First off, yes it's getting expensive here but for I'd bet any Idaho home selling for nearly $900,000 would have a door for each bathroom, maybe even a lock if it's fancy. But if it's not a cost thing, and it is a new "trend", what's the real meaning here? Are we all going to suddenly be comfortable pooping in front of each other in the future? And also, would a trend like this ever come to Idaho? I feel like maybe that's more of a "city" thing. Here in Idaho people have quite a bit of space and privacy and I just can't see anyone being okay with this.

Personally, I LOCK the door when I go to the bathroom so that I can go in peace without having to worry about anyone disturbing my "me" time, or seeing, smelling or hearing something that would scar them for life. It's taboo enough to talk about pooping, no less to see someone doing it. But I'm measuring that with today's standards... Maybe, just maybe, in another 20 years, we'll all  be happy to chat it up while we go. I did hear there is now a toilet that eliminates all odors and I'm very curious about that.

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What about you? If you loved a house like this would you leave it as is or put a door on yourself?

Photo Credit: Boston Trust Realty Group
Photo Credit: Boston Trust Realty Group

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