I first heard about the Instant Pot in 2012. A group of moms I followed on Facebook were posting left and right about this amazing pressure cooker that makes cooking dinner for the family easier than ever. I never looked into it further because cooking isn't my forte and I felt I was doing just fine without it.

Cut to 2019. I'm cooking more than ever. I've got two hungry monster children and my specific diet is plant based, so I'm always making separate meals. Something to make the process in the kitchen easier was more than welcome at this point, but I had long forgotten about the Instant Pot. Luckily my best friend was just starting her journey with the kitchen appliance and I quickly learned this would be my next purchase.

I hate a hot kitchen. Sweating while cooking makes me feel gross. But the pressure cooking speeds up the cook time, keeping the house cool. And because it's so contained, the house is never overwhelmed with stink when cooking things like bacon (obviously my husband is doing that. Proud vegan here.)

The Instant Pot with the air fryer feature is great for portion control and making healthier meals. It requires far less oil than traditional frying and it doesn't allow for huge batches to be made at once. I love french fries, but I don't need to be eating a bucketful. It's perfect for frozen veggies as well. Season them and pop them in. Done in no time and always the perfect temperature and texture.

I highly recommend it. Not to mention the abundance of recipes online specifically for the Instant Pot. What recipes do you love that I should try? I'm obsessed with a sweet spaghetti one at the moment.


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