Living, breathing proof that Idaho hates ice cream, or at least likes it less than almost any other state.

I did an article yesterday about a new ice cream shop in Meridian. Was this all for nothing? I read a study that ranked each state by their love for ice cream and Idaho, the great state of Idaho, kind of a desert with super hot summers, ranks 43rd out of 50 for loving ice cream! What?! According to Zippia, "An analytics company wanted to determine which states enjoy the most ice cream, so they looked at consumer data from ice cream shops nationwide, and compared those numbers with the local populations." So it's some sort of algorithm that looks at the amount of ice cream shops a state has, how much business they get, along with the population of the state. Is it possible that the math is wonky as we're a state with a relatively low population? Or does Idaho just not love the greatest summertime treat that exists? I guess we'll never know, or, we'll need a more conclusive study.

Though I'm baffled, I believe that Idahoans love their ice cream. I've never walked into an empty Stella's, a quiet Goody's or a ghost town Stil. In fact, here are just a few of the great Treasure Valley ice cream shops we have to choose from when we've got a summertime sweet tooth, yearning for the tasty quench of the cold cream and we're craving something nice. Eat that ice cream, Idaho!

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