One of the best parts about this job is the fact that we get to share the amazing finds in Boise and the Treasure Valley with you in these articles. Whether it’s restaurants or shops, one source of information is always valuable when looking for something juicy to share… reviews. Recently, when looking for those juicy reviews I stumbled across a shocking story from 2018 where a woman was sued for leaving a bad Yelp review of her doctor.

Now, I’m not here to dive into the case but rather, we’re here to talk about the fact that someone was sued over a bad Yelp review. Now, in my opinion, I feel like that should have opened the door for everyone to come out and sue people left and right for the most ridiculous things. While there are certainly some bizarre cases like the lady who was sued for a bad Yelp review, I am wondering – what if you could sue someone in Boise for anything and I mean anything?

Tired of what people are leaving in your neighborhood? Go for it. Hate a thing that people are doing on the road? See you in court, pal!

What do you think people should be “sued” for? Let me know here and I might even share your responses on the air! I must say though that this isn’t a serious question. We’re not that sensitive to suing anyone over something as finicky as a Yelp review but what if this “pretend suing” could eliminate a nuisance that’s bothering you around the Treasure Valley? Let’s dive into some of the most ridiculous things that people in Boise could be “sued” for.

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