Neighborhood Facebook Page Win: A Free Piano!
It's crazy, when I moved into my neighborhood in Meridian, a few people had suggested I join the neighborhood Facebook page and I figured it would just be people complaining about teenagers being shady at night... Not the case!
Mike and Nicole's OPP: I HATE my ring
Dear Mike and Nicole,
My boyfriend and I just got engaged on Halloween, it’s our favorite holiday and he even planned an awesome proposal with friends dressed as zombies. But I feel terrible about this...I HATE the ring. Like not even just dislike it, I HATE it...
Major Proposal Fail
It's the big moment.  You've thought of everything.  You've got a plan with your friends...you've got the ring...she has no idea it's coming...but...
Love Ain’t Cheap!
Well, engagement rings are getting a little cheaper. Sort of.
The average engagement ring cost over $2400 last year, according to a survey by American Express, and this year guys are shelling out $2311 for that rock. Still pricey!