WalletHub just recently came out with the list of the best and worst states for singles. Where did the soud state land?

Valentine's Day is almost here and it sounds like Idaho is not a great place to be single, or maybe it is? They have us ranked low on states best for singles but maybe it's because people find love here easier and quicker... but yes ranked at 38 for states for singles, which is the down side. It states that Idaho is one of the states with the lowest number of single adults. Although we got some good marks as far as one of the states with the lowest crime rate which I guess according to WalletHub has something to do with dating.

We did get one of our restaurants in the Boise area as the 6th most romantic restaurant in the country. SO there is a lot of romance here and maybe the reason why it isn't the best state for singles is cause you meet good people here who you date for a long time.

Source: WalletHub

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