When you woke up this morning and had to scrape that icy snow off your vehicle and YES it may have taken you a little extra time to get to work or school or wherever you were going, know this... WE HAVE IT GOOD!  The snow we received here in the Boise area last night and early this morning ended up bringing in the 2nd snowiest day of the year so far here in the Treasure Valley.

We may have a little sunshine today but don't get used to it.  Snow is coming back and we'll most likely have an entire weekend of the white stuff.  Tomorrow and Thursday we should have nothing but sunshine with some fairly cool temperatures.  Our high should be somewhere around 36 degrees.  Enjoy that sunshine because that's all we get for a while.  The clouds roll back into the Boise area on Friday and moisture starts rolling in on Saturday giving us a good shot at snow all weekend long.  That weather should last through Wednesday of next week.  Here's the KTVB forecast...

Credit: KTVB
Credit: KTVB

Hey... it is mid-January.  If we suck it up for a little while longer we'll be kicking back enjoying Spring counting down the days before enjoying the sunshine and things like The Boise Music Festival or floating the Boise River, but for this week... turn up the fireplace, snuggle up in blankets and try to stay warm.

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