Maybe it's my fault that it has been cold, grey, and snowy here in the Treasure Valley this week. I've been saying it non-stop and honestly, I've been loving it: it's like winter skipped over Boise this year. I suppose a little snow is nice, and I love that the mountains are getting it...but last weekend was warm and sunny (for a February) and that sunshine just makes me thrive!

Along with the nice weather comes a lot of happy outdoorsy Boiseans.  Of course, if you live in Boise it's almost a law that you've got to love the outdoors to some extent. From that love, comes the urge to get out there when the weather is good and while officials have no problem with that...they're saying you had better be careful!

The Boise Fire Department is saying that foothill trail conditions may not be the best right now--especially since many aren't dry. Muddy slopes and trails can result in you or your bike losing control and getting injured. Just last week, Boise Fire had to carry someone out of the hills on a stretcher!

Get out, enjoy the weather...just don't roll an ankle out there!

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