Most people like Steven Tyler either for his time as the lead singer of Aerosmith or his time as a judge on American Idol, but you're going to like him even more after hearing about his latest project. He has partnered with Youth Villages to create Janie's House, a home for abused girls. The goal is to provide a safe space for abused or neglected girls.

We first got word from KBOI about the project opening in Memphis, and thought it was so impressive to see musicians stepping up to help girls in a rough spot. The bill for Janie's House was around $500,000 and is only the second of it's kind in the country.

The inspiration came from the huge hit song "Janie's Got a Gun". The song was about a girl that was abused so obviously this is something that really means a lot to Steven Tyler. The house will serve up to 30 girls annually and provide medical and therapeutic care.

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