What's that thing that you feel like you didn't fully appreciate until you weren't able to do it? Strangely, the first thing that comes to my mind is unlimited chips and salsa.

I mean, you do it all the time and think nothing of it. You go out to eat, they sit you down, you get some chips and salso or chips and guac to start munching on, they bring out refillable drinks, a friendly server, I mean... After a month of eating at home straight, how nice does a restaurant sound?

I also miss going to the movies. Even though the candy is over priced and the ground sticks to your feet, it's such an enjoyable way to watch a movie! The way it was meant to be experienced, in front of the big screen!

What are normal life things are you missing right now? What can't you wait to do again once this is all over?

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