Mike & I are the stars of an upcoming movie!! Well, maybe not stars....but for 5 minutes we got to be on camera with the stars of the movie and we may survive the cutting room floor!

Bryan Payne of SalmonSocial.com

Bryan and Samantha came up with an idea for a social app January 31st, quit their corporate jobs, packed up their stuff and moved to Boise all in 1 month! They picked Boise because this is where the developers of their app live. They decided to have a film crew document their journey from beginning to end in hopes of when their app takes off after being launched they will then have a hit film to go along with their hit app. Bryan and Samantha were on the show this morning (film crew and all) talking to us about their adventure. Mike and I aren't the only ones who are in the movie....you could be too! Bryan and Samantha will be all over Boise today in a Diamond Limousine party bus having people try out the app while filming people's reactions and getting their input.

I wish I could tell you what the app does, but that is all part of their adventure. You just need to look for the party bus, follow them at Twitter @SalmonSocial or check out their website SalmonSocial.com. According to Bryan, "we believe it could potentially be the scope of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc and want to show the next great app doesn't have to come out of Silicon Valley but could come out of the Treasure Valley."

Mike and I invited Bryan and Samantha back on the show in 90 days. We are dying to know how the story ends! Good Luck guys!!

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