I've always loved Paris Hilton. Now I love her a million times more. Over the weekend I watched the "This is Paris" documentary on YouTube and learned so much about the first and original "influencer." Here's what you might not know about the real Paris Hilton:

Paris Didn't Grow Up Off Millions 

I always assumed that Paris was directly in line for the riches from her grandfather and great-grandfather's hotel chain. As it turns out, her father was one of many children. Half of the siblings inherited millions while the youngest 3 inherited almost nothing. The family was still well off though it appears. They later moved to NYC where Paris and her sister were expected to become these proper sort-of debutantes to live up to the family's name and image. Paris rebelled.

She Was Abused at School for Troubled Teens

When she was a teen her parents had her shipped off to several "emotional growth" schools for her rebellious behavior. She suffered ongoing physical and emotional abuse at these schools. The last one she attended was in Provo, Utah and according to Paris, was where she received the worst treatment.

Paris is a Trauma Survivor 

Paris says she has a reoccurring nightmare every night of two men kidnapping her out of her bed. This actually happened to her in real life as this is how she remembers being shipped off the first time. She suffers from insomnia and has trust issues as well.

Being a Dumb Blonde is Just an Act

The one thing that kept her sane during all of this abuse was the the idea of who she wanted to be once she got out of there. This version of herself was the opposite of everything she was experiencing - glamorous, fun, luxurious, naïve. Paris is actually brilliant! She's just really good at playing the role of a dumb blonde. So good that she's been able to create an entire brand around the persona and make millions off of it. Do you really believe that Paris didn't know how to even use a mop in The Simple Life after being forced to do manual labor everyday as a teenager? It was all an act.. and always a way to cope.

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