How To Watch Lori Vallow 2020 Special
If you missed the original airing of the Lori Vallow 2020 special, The Gravedigger's Wife, you HAVE to check it out. This story becomes more and more abhorrent with every added detail, my mind was blown.
Be Careful What You Watch Before Bed
There's a mission planned for this August to head underwater to the Titanic's wreck site to retrieve the wireless telegraph machine. People are trying to block this, but should we get it before the salt water takes her away for good? -Moug
Mike & Kate in a Movie
Back in March, Mike and Kate had members of a new Social app called Salmon Social on the radio with them to talk about their new invention and to also begin a documentary movie about the success or failure of getting a new app to the marketplace in Boise Idaho.
We’re In A Movie!
Mike & I are the stars of an upcoming movie!! Well, maybe not stars....but for 5 minutes we got to be on camera with the stars of the movie and we may survive the cutting room floor!