We have a million things attacking our daily and annual routines. I'm talking about things like our Boise Music Festival, The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, and even Halloween trick-or-treating.

There is another world that is being missed. The people that help everyone in the time of need are hurting. The WCA is one of those organizations that need your help this week more than ever.

We Art Women happens every year that includes an auction and concert for the WCA. The Women's and Children's Alliance is a staple in the community. They open the door to women and their children when hope is all but gone. The WCA is hope to so many Idahoans and you never know when it could be you at the doorstep.

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I'll post the list of events below including the amazing performances. The We Art Women auction will showcase some of the most creative pieces by over 50 local artists. These aren't just pictures. This isn't for Instagram. There is a story behind that brush with a hidden message of survival and triumph. Bid on one of those art pieces and know that you're not just hanging up a picture on the wall. That canvas just saved someone's life in a way that you will never know.

The Art of Women and WCA have come up with some packages that your money will help provide.

  • $20 provides hygiene kits to each shelter child which includes things like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and soap.
  • $24 adds cleaning and sanitation supplies to keep shelter residents and staff safe and healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • $50 Provides children's books and games.
  • $63 Provides an hour of healing therapy to a child traumatized by domestic abuse, facilitated by a master level clinician.
  • $120 Goes further in contributing help for the emergency shelter. This gives one night of shelter for a mother and her children; including wrap-around services such as counseling, childcare, case management, court advocacy, life skills classes, and financial empowerment.

You have to almost try to understand what's happening in their lives at the moment they arrive. You might have a mother with three children show up with a bag. This mom has been abused but she takes the blunt force from her husband to protect the children. Unfortunately, COVID-19 put her husband out of work and they're surviving on unemployment. Alcohol becomes a major factor and the abuse is getting worse. She fears the kids will be next and she won't be strong enough to protect them. They leave in the middle of the night with pajamas, pillows, and a bag. Now what.

That's real-life Idaho. That's everyday life to some people. August alone saw 194 protection orders filed in Ada County. That's the most ever. We've seen a 194% increase in calls to the Crisis Center over last year. These are the cases we know about. We also know the scariest numbers are the ones not reported. Nobody deserves to live like this and the people at the WCA are the ones picking up the pieces.

Rocci Johnson from the legendary Humpin Hannahs in Downtown Boise is the one that called me. She didn't even have to ask. I will tell everyone I know because it's women like this we should champion and give them every bit of help we can.


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