That headline was just too difficult and unimaginable to write. I was just on Facetime with my 2-year-old as the breaking news of a toddler's death came through.

It was just one of those moments that makes you pause. You think of your own. We just learned that a man was accused of beating his girlfriend's toddler to death.

A man in Garden City has been arrested on first-degree murder charges for a toddler that was in his care. This helpless little 2-year-old was taken to the hospital unconscious and later pronounced dead.

There is limited information right now but I watched Doug Petcash from KTVB report a few tragic details.

Detectives arrested Williams on the charge of first-degree murder perpetrated by poison, torture, vengeance, extortion, or sadistic inclinations.

I'm sure we'll find out more details as the week goes on. You can't help get caught up in stories like this especially when you have kids of your own. This is upsetting and it's hard not to get angry when you read this.

I've been working around child abuse prevention organizations for almost 13 years. We have some great resources if you find yourself in a bad situation or know someone that is. Please reach out for assistance. If you see something it's also your responsibility to say something.

Doug went on to say that Garden City Police are looking for any additional information. You can call (208) 472-2950 or Crimestoppers (208) 343-COPS.

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