I love it when the experts get it all figured out and break it down into a few easy steps for us.  Happiness seems so easy to come by when they spell it out, but even those in the worst of funks might be able to gain some bright sides from it so I thought I'd share. 

Do you exercise?  That's on the list of 22 Things to Start Doing Now That Will Improve The Rest Of Your Life.  Exercise helps us sleep better and keeps us at a higher energy level during the day, and it also allows us to justify eating Nutella by the spoonful because we've burned the extra calories.  Ok, I added that last part.  But it does make a person feel less fluffy and flabby, and when pants fit better, the world is a happier place.

Read books, save money, be grateful, be charitable, travel, and "love like a puppy" are on the list too.  Puppies are a little whimsy with the love and they don't analyze too much it seems.  They just go for it.  Oh those risk-taking puppies!  But as the article points out, broken hearts will heal and then another love comes along.  I hope it's that simple.

I love how the author sums it up.  If we're not happy with something, we can change it. I moved to Austin, Texas in my early twenties which meant leaving my entire family in Nebraska and going to a place where I didn't know one person, but I made friends quickly and found a job and never looked back.  Do you think life rewards you for taking a risk?  I do.

I love observing all of you happy people!  And learning from you.  Keep it going.  And if nothing else, turn up the music.  That always helps.


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