St. Lukes Children's has teamed up with the Boise State Broncos and their players to show children how to "Live like a bronco", meaning happy, AND healthy!

Who better to show you how to live out your dreams and be happy and healthy than our friends who play for the Boise State Broncos? First, a lesson from Avery Williams on staying active and hydrated during school. Being adequately hydrated takes a lot more water than you might think, so drink up!

Next up, a lesson in having an attitude of gratitude from Donte Harrington. Here's proof that having a positive outlook in life will take you to places you may now think you could only imagine! And being grateful for what you have and the opportunities that come your way is icing on the cake.

In the next lesson, "Be here now", we learn how from Riley Smith about what it means to be in the moment, to be completely focused and present, and to have your eye on the prize! See the great things that can happen when you put your phone down and take in the sights, sounds and smells of the world as they're meant to be experienced!

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That's it for now but for more tips on how to "live like a Bronco", give St. Luke's Children's a follow on Instagram to see which Broncos players are next with helpful tips for kids and teens in our community and let's all plan to have a happy, healthy and successful 2021!

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