What is the Happiest City in Idaho?
Some places seem happier than others.  They just do.  People in these spots have decent jobs, they have access to lakes and sports and shopping, there are lots of choices when it comes to restaurants, and the kids are in good shape with schools and baseball leagues. So which city in Idaho&…
Sad Music Makes You Sadder
So you can't get enough of the new Adele song?  I know it!!  She's just so good.  I love it too.  The video got 27.7 million views during the first 24 hours after its release, and that beat Taylor Swift's Bad Blood for the most ever.  She'll be on SNL November 21st.  Yay yay!
Now the not-so-great new…
Wanna Be Happier? Do These Things
I love it when the experts get it all figured out and break it down into a few easy steps for us.  Happiness seems so easy to come by when they spell it out, but even those in the worst of funks might be able to gain some bright sides from it so I thought I'd share.
Why Snow Makes Us Happy
This week looks clear, but we're probably not done with the snow yet this winter, right?  That's a good thing, because it turns out snow makes us happy.