If this doesn’t warm your heart then nothing will. Utah locals have gathered to help make the wish of a child battling leukemia come true. While most kids would love to meet their favorite superhero or go somewhere they’ve always dreamed of, this 5-year-old just wants to see the world’s largest blanket fort go up. Literally – the group is pursuing a Guinness World Record for “Largest Blanket Fort”, which according to KSLTV.com, is currently 6,800 feet whereas the goal of this new fort in Lehi, Utah is a massive 10,000 feet.

KSLTV.com also reports that upon completion of the massive fort, all of the blankets will be donated to shelters in the area for the homeless.

KSL News via YouTube
KSL News via YouTube

When you look at the photos or video of the event, you can’t help but melt and gush over the collective effort of a community for the wish of a 5-year-old leukemia patient. It really puts things into perspective if you think about it. A lot of us (myself included) seem to get caught up in the “stress” of a regular day and will usually get frustrated when we don’t get that one thing that can “fix” our first-world issue.

Meanwhile, here’s a 5-year-old with the innocence we all had at one point who wants to use his wish for a fort blanket. Not only that, this child’s goal is bringing a community together that in the end benefits the homeless. If that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, I don’t know what will.

You can check out and learn more about the pursuit of the world record below courtesy of KSLTV.

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