Seriously. What Makes A Bad Kisser?
A friend of mine got LEFT on a date because he was a bad kisser. After she was gone she sent a text saying that he was a bad kisser and that it was something very important to her.
Challenge: Understanding Others’ Experiences
There's a lot of hate and negativity in this world right now and of course the obvious divide between liberals and conservatives, republicans and democrats, but when was the last time you tried to understand the opposing side's experience?
Our Time Capsule Is Here!
Since my fiance and I had to postpone our wedding, we decided to make a time capsule to honor the original date! We'll open it after 20 years, there's only one exception, and it isn't death...
These Two Hold The Key to Happiness
Look at the way these two look at each other!  Isn't this what we all want to find?
Remember the totally surprising thing they did at the beginning of their relationship?  Maybe that, along with some singing in the car will work for all of us.
Sex Calculator
The results of the "love calculator" is scary.  I don't think we are really aware of the reach of our ummm, uh, intimacy, yeah, that's it, intimacy.
Problems? Blame This!
There's something weird happening in the atmosphere that started this week and lasts into June.
And if you break up with your boyfriend in the next few days you can totally blame it.

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