I guess it's been solved, folks... But, I think this actually makes sense. As I was browsing the internet from my humble Meridian home, I found the key to a happy life.

Do what you want in this life and forget about the consequences!

I know, sounds nuts, and you probably can't live your entire life in this manner but occasionally, to be truly happy, you have to go for it with reckless abandon, according to Study Finds.

It's funny because we all want to be that person, right? The person who lives in the moment, is spontaneous and filled with joy every waking moment, but consequences, and dreams and goals (as weird as it sound) hold us back.

When you think about it though, you only have one life to live so you've got to find your balance of working towards your goals and dreams, avoiding consequences and taking time to enjoy life.

Here I am at 33 years old and I haven't floated the river yet because I don't know if I should buy a float, rent one, etc. Why not just pick one and go for it? Why all the back and forth?

Anyway, I know I have to buy a new windshield but this weekend I'm going to forget about that and I'm going to float the river, even if it's on an air mattress!

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