It's not common that I write two articles about Walmart just days apart. It just happened though. I recently wrote that Walmart announced its new subscription service to compete with Amazon Prime.

CNN is reporting that Walmart took the advice from their own associate to install something called, Mamava. These are pods for breastfeeding mothers to give them some space and privacy. Well, that was just the beginning.

Walmart has decided after three stores tested the new pods to install 100 across the country. These Mamava lactation suites are completely free and run from an app. Apps are going to run our lives very soon and this is a great indication of what an app can do.

Courtesy: Walmart
Courtesy: Walmart

The Mamava app will let you open the pod, adjust lighting, play music, and leave positive messages for other mothers coming in to breastfeed. This beats finding a dressing room, bathroom or bringing something to cover you while breastfeeding with your baby. I can only imagine how difficult that can be and remember being out with my wife.

Walmart is definitely doing everything to break this bad image that has labeled them for years. I'm seeing a lot more pay raises and just things that don't make them look so much like the big corporate giant. These pods look pretty nice and if anything it might give you some piece of privacy.

Unfortunately, Idaho Walmarts don't have these installed yet. I'm pretty sure you can expect these to pop up in our Treasure Valley Walmarts sooner than later because this is a big win for moms.

Sorry, it took so long!


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