There are just some things you wish weren't memories. I remember being told once that you'll never understand kids until you have your own. That always annoyed me because I love kids. I always thought I understood kids.

I always laugh when I tell this story because it wasn't till we had our own that I really learned, I didn't know anything. When you see your kids hurt or go through a life change it almost destroys a piece of you. That's when I understand.

There was a candlelight vigil for the passing of JJ and Tylee. Those two children lost their lives at the hands of a family member (mother and stepfather currently in jail awaiting trial). This isn't a new report. You can go find out the particulars if you want as this story continues to get darker.

I was able to attend this candlelight vigil and I was so impressed. I was also very sad. I've been working on child abuse prevention campaigns for 14 years and that hurt is still raw. I saw people crying that had no connection to these kids but they did feel something. I watched people stand up and sob with their own stories.

Photo by: kekeluv
Photo by: kekeluv

I spoke for a few moments with a very strong message as I looked at to see familiar faces all impacted by abuse. Talk about it. Speak on it. Tell someone.

I'm not aware if anyone could have changed the outcome of this tragic story, but maybe we can prevent the next one. My message it to begin talking with your children and make sure they know what is okay and what isn't. We need to teach our children how to ask for help because that cycle of abuse can destroy a family tree. I witnessed deep pain on Sunday night.

This is my responsibility to teach our children that, "It shouldn't hurt to be a child." It's up to us Idaho. That's no joke because it isn't funny. I've been doing this a long time and there is always one moment when someone could have stepped in to stop the abuse. All it takes is one person.

We pray for these families and I extend my own to the ones who aren't present. The scariest statistic is not the number of cases reported. The statistic that should keep you up at night is the ones that aren't reported.

If you see something. Say something.


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