Every vote does count.  If one more person had voted in the most recent election there would have been clear winners in two Ada County races.  But since those races ended in ties, a coin flip at the courthouse on Monday afternoon will decide who takes office.  

After all the sign-posting, hand-shaking, and campaigning, it's hard to imagine that the outcome of all the hard work would come down a two-second quarter flip.  Heads you're in, tails you're out.  Would you feel a little pressure if you're the coin flipper?

Mark S. Johnson and Peggy Moyer each got 113 votes in the Republican race in Precinct 2006, and a coin flip will break that tie on Monday.  And in Precinct 2009, Kyle Key and Rosemary DeMond are tied at 75 votes each, according to Boise Weekly.

Anyone can attend the coin flip Monday at 2 p.m. Monday at the Ada County Courthouse.

County Clerk Chris Rich will have the honor --or pressure -- of flipping the coin.