This has been, perhaps, the longest, most drawn out election season in our lifetimes and today is the day it all ends. Or does it?

There's a lot of question about when we'll know who is going to be our next President. You can make educated guesses based on elections of the past but this one is also very different. When you follow the trends, yes, it's likely that Idaho will vote Republican. But whether you're Republican or Democrat, whether you want Trump or Biden, it's important to make your voice heard. If everyone just assumes a state will vote one way and doesn't vote, who knows what could happen?

But lets look at the trends. Idaho, likely will give its 4 electoral votes to President Trump. Because of the population of our state, we're not exactly big money when it comes to electoral votes, which is why you don't catch as many angry attack ads here as you do in the swing states. When I was in Nevada last month, a swing, there were Trump and Biden billboards as far as the eye could see and a ton of commercials on tv and radio.

Where it will get real interesting tomorrow is in Florida. Based on many polls and predictions concerning electoral votes, if Florida votes for Biden, you could probably call it for the most part tomorrow night. If Florida votes for Trump, the results will lie heavily on Pennsylvania where they will be counting mail-in votes for days to come.

Now it's unlikely that Texas will vote for Biden, but it has been named a toss up state so if by chance Texas votes for Biden, that would be a game changer as well. Bottom line is, whether you're in Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas or Idaho, United States Presidential Elections are voted on by the people and this is one we'll remember for the rest of our lives. Get out and vote!

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