As we wait for the rest of the country to finalize their votes, how did things turn out here in Idaho? Here's the rundown.

  • Let's start at the top... In the Presidential race, Idaho gave it's 4 electoral college votes to President Trump. Trump won 63.9% of the vote in Idaho with 554,019 votes. Vice President Biden picked up 286,991 votes, earning 33.1% while Kanye West did win .4% of the vote (3,632 votes) as he was on the ballot here in Idaho.
  • Republican Jim Risch won Idaho's race for United States senator
  • Republican Russ Fulcher won Idaho's race for United States Representative District 1
  • Republican Mike Simpson won Idaho's race for United States Representative District 2

See the entire list of election results here.

Idaho voted heavily Republican in the 2020 election, which is not surprising, we all know it's a traditionally Republican State. Where it gets interesting in Idaho is that it's largest population center, Boise, is a bit more liberal than the rest of the state.

Now we look to the rest of the country to choose who our next President will be; another four years with Donald Trump or with former Vice President Joe Biden. It'll be interesting to see, either way, what the effects on our community will be. The one benefit, no matter who is elected, is that the politicians that posted their election signs all over our roads and elsewhere around town will have to quickly remove said signs and get them out of the way, cleaning up pretty much every intersection where there's a place to fit a sign.


While it's certainly a stressful time, we should appreciate and celebrate participating in our democracy!

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