There is no doubt that you have encountered this. If you have spent any time on any Ada County Roads, you have come tire to tire with POTHOLES. These little bumps in the road can cause more than just an un-welcomed hiccup on your drive.The Treasure Valley much like a majority of the country is suffering from A Pothole problem. If you do come in contact with them, and want to pay it forward and let others know where they are so other drivers could avoid them the Ada County Highway District is asking for your help.

UK Hit By Heavy Snow Fall
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What is known as Pothole Day's drivers are asked to;

  1. Locate The Pothole
  2. Report It. Click on the link and get the ball rolling.
  3. The Ada Country Highway District has a policy of about 24 hours for the Repair

If you want to get all fancy with it, feel free to Download the App, snap a pic and report the issue right away for hopefully a quicker repair.

The thing is, we all know how completely ridiculous these pesky buggers are. Driving over them can cause more than just a delay in your drive time, they can damage your vehicle and set you back thousands and thousands of dollars in repair. Best of luck Boise, drive safely. - JD


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