It's one of the worst times of year in Idaho.

Brace yourselves, Boise. Pothole season is on the way. But have you ever wondered what causes those annoying road craters? How do they even happen? From one month to the next, the roads on your daily commute go from smooth as silk to bumpier than a shoe full of rocks.

We turned to AAA for the answer. As it turns out, moisture is the culprit.

Moisture collects in cracked pavement where it can freeze, expand, and then return to a liquid as temperatures change throughout the day. As the crumbling pavement is subjected to the weight of passing cars, potholes can quickly form.


Is it expensive to repair pothole damage to your car?

It blows our minds, but in 2022, more than 40 million American drivers had to shell out their hard-earned cash for repairs caused by those dreaded potholes! At roughly $400 per repair, that's a hefty bill for the average American.

Will Idaho reimburse you for pothole damage or not?

So, what's the deal when you find yourself in Idaho and your car's taken a beating from a pothole? Well, back in 2017, the Idaho Press Tribune dug up some interesting info through a public records request.

They found out a lot of folks submitted pothole damage claims to the state. Unfortunately, most, if not all of them, got the cold shoulder from the Idaho Transportation Department. But why on earth would they do that?

We have to determine if the state’s negligence is the reason why a loss occurs.

-Faith Cox, Director of Idaho Risk Management


FYI: Idaho probably won't reimburse you for pothole damage.

So here's the lowdown: If the state decides it's 51% or more to blame for your mishap, that's when you might see some cash coming your way. Got it? Basically, in Idaho, they'll only cut a check to their residents if they 'fess up to messing things up.

In short, good luck trying to score some reimbursement bucks from the Gem State, folks. When it comes to pothole problems, Idahoans are pretty much on their own.

If you're one of the lucky few who have been reimbursed for pothole damage in Idaho, email us at! 

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