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Anderson Cooper Breaks Down
This is one of those moments of realness that you can not help but be moved by. Anderson Cooper read the names of the victims of the shooting in Orlando.
What ever your stance is on the situation...it is heartbreaking. For those who working in the media we feel emotions, break down and have our momen…
Officer Involved Shooting
We are working to find out all the details of an Officer involved shooting in Boise. News broke this morning just before 6 am that a Boise Police Officer was shot in the neighborhood of Brynwood Drive near Wedge Street.
What we know right now is that one person has been injured and caution tape and e…
LGBT Emergency Resources
After the tragedy in Orlando, it can be hard to know what to do next. Where to turn. Who to talk to.
We have compiled a list of resources, phone numbers, websites…if you’re in need of guidance, a safe place, or just someone to talk to about how you’re feeli…
Boise Company Makes Big Cut.
After July 26th over 200 employees of this company will be doing something that the majority of us hate to do. Look for a job.

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