Remember being a kid and thinking it was so cool to be a grownup? Grownups got to do whatever they wanted, and buy whatever they wanted, and they had jobs that paid them lots of money. Remember how kids don't know anything about adulthood? The rudest awakening when I hit adulthood is that most jobs don't pay well and a lot of what little money you make goes to things that are necessary but boring and joyless. These are the top things on which I loathe spending money:

1) Insurance (of any kind)- Paying monthly for a "just in case" thing is so stupid. I go almost a year sometimes without actually needing insurance services, but here I am paying hundreds every paycheck for it. Even worse, when I actually do need my insurance, I have to pay a deductible or co-pay to use it. How does that make sense? where are the thousands of dollars I pay per year? AAAAHHHH!!!!

2) Seasonings and spices- Grocery shopping is already annoying. I feel like I never buy enough food for my wildly hungry kids. But when I have to buy spices and seasonings for cooking it makes my blood boil. Why is garlic salt $6? I can't eat garlic salt on its own! A tiny thing of ground turmeric is $4 and I use a lot of it. So I have to replenish often and it's not something I can have as a meal in itself? Awesome. Uggggghhhh!

3) Toiletries- Spending money to be clean is just rude. The cost of toilet paper, toothpaste, body wash, hand soap, and shampoo adds up quickly and the toiletries themselves run out just as fast. And then you have to go buy more or you become a stinky human. I could be spending that money on sweaters and shoes!

4) Cleaning supplies- I can barely be expected to clean. My husband takes care of most of the cleaning. I think the fact that I have to allocate funds for the supplies makes me not want to do it. I enjoy a clean house, but it's just not a fun purchase. You can't wear furniture polish. You can't decorate with dish soap. You can't eat disinfectant wipes. Blah!

5) Any and all things car related- $40 to fill up my tank every week forever? How fun. Maintenance like oil changes, tires and tire rotation, and brake jobs are the bane of my existence. I already spent tens of thousands of dollars on buying the damn car. I shouldn't have to keep throwing money into it to continue driving it. Hate it!

I miss getting birthday money and Christmas money as a kid and spending it on candy, cookies, and toys. Now if I'm lucky enough to get money in a birthday card I usually throw it toward some sort of bill. Adulting is whack AF.

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