A very scary situation for three teenage girls on inflatable rafts in the Boise River thankfully ended well. All three girls were knocked off of their rafts after they got snagged on some trees.

They ended up clinging to branches in the water and screamed for help.

Luckily, someone heard them and called 911.

Star police and firefighters formed a human chain to pull them out of the water.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office warns people again to stay out of the river, which is flowing faster than normal for this time of year. On top of that, we have had several months of flooding which has left trees, debris and other hazards piled up in the water and in some cases, can't be seen.

Ada County officials have said they hope to remove dangerous debris and have the Boise River open for floating by this weekend, but say that the date could still be moved back. So, until then, DO NOT get in or near the water during this unsafe time.

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